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Save over 25 per cent on Cooler Master's ultra light gaming mouse

Weighing in at just 53g.

Even though Cooler Master are known for making internal components for PC building enthusiasts, they've made some great external components for some years now, including their gaming mice.

The Cooler Master MM710 is a great budget gaming mouse, and it's currently over 25 per cent off at Amazon right now at just £31.88. This is a great price for a super light gaming mouse.

The incredibly light weight is the selling point of the mouse here, coming in at just a little over 50g. This makes it ideal for long gaming sessions where hand and wrist strain can add to the fatigue and make you want to quit early. Cooler Master has achieved this through a stylish honeycomb structure that makes sure your palms don't get as sweaty as they do using a traditional mouse, while also reducing the total weight.

You're also promised great responsiveness thanks to the durable ultraweave cable that'll help extend the life of the mouse, especially useful if you're using a gaming laptop and shift your setup constantly.

The sensor itself is a 16,000 DPI Pixart optical sensor, which ensures minimal lag and great accuracy. This is really crucial when using a light mouse and want to keep a small, simple setup. And the mouse is coated with water-resistant and dust-resistant coating which will help ensure the durability over its gaming life. And the PTFE feet at the bottom makes gliding the mouse around very easy thanks to the minimal friction it offers.

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