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Sagat joins Street Fighter x Tekken


One-eyed kickboxing powerhouse Sagat has joined Street Fighter x Tekken's growing roster.

Siliconera noticed he's visible in a photo, below, of the character select screen.

Sagat is often accused of being overpowered. Don't mind that nonsense. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Sagat joins fellow Street Fighters Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Abel and Cammy on the playable roster.

Confirmed Tekken characters include Kazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, Bob, King and Craig Marduk.

SFxT features a real-time tag battle system that allows players to fight as a team of two and switch between characters by simultaneously pressing medium punch and medium kick.

Bob Saget.

The game system is based on the 2.5D Street Fighter IV, with eight way movement and 3D characters battling on a 2D plane.

Tekken characters have been reworked so they play on the 2D plane with six buttons, although they can still be played with the traditional Tekken four button system.

Capcom is expected to reveal more characters at the E3 trade show next month.

Eurogamer sat down with Capcom's fighting game guru Seth Killian at the publisher's recent Captivate event for a proper Street Fighter x Tekken chinwag.

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Street Fighter x Tekken

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