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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Rezzed attendees pick their game of the show

More tea, sir?

We've already picked our game of Rezzed 2013 - although, to be perfectly clear, there were so many games of Rezzed 2013 - so here's a chance to see what tickled your fancy over the weekend in Birmingham.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted came out on top after an exit poll, going some way to proving there was no nasty nepotism going on when we singled it out ourselves. Oh, and it also proves that Big Robot's procedurally generated open world Victorian stealth adventure's quite the exciting and unique prospect, and genuinely one of the year's most promising looking games.

Tagging just behind was Total War: Rome 2, this year's big ticket PC title and one that's been living up to its big budget potential. Saturday's dev session was packet out, and it's as good a place as any to check up on where Creative Assembly are taking this sequel. Surgeon Simulator also proved popular despite the fact it's already out. Having an Oculus Rift on-hand at the stall certainly helped its cause, as did the fact it remains one of the funniest games released this year.

Wildstar was the fourth most popular game of Rezzed 2013, Carbine's colourful MMO looking like it's got the enthusiasm to revive a genre that's been flagging of late, and finally Vlambeer got some well-deserved love for Luftrausers. A grand selection all-in-all, but let's not forget that in PC and indie land everyone's a winner *hugs*.

  1. Sir, You Are Being Hunted
  2. Rome: Total War 2
  3. Surgeon Simulator 2013
  4. Wildstar
  5. Luftrausers
  6. Project Zomboid
  7. Hotline Miami 2
  8. Prison Architect
  9. Tengami
  10. Beatbuddy

And in the interest of all-inclusiveness, here's the rundown of the most popular games in the Leftfield Collection.

  1. Reus
  2. Gone Home
  3. Hacker
  4. Ether One
  5. Tenya Wanya Teens

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