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Returnal finally receives suspend functionality

Update 2.0 also includes a Photo Mode.

Housemarque has finally added a suspension mode to Returnal.

Update 2.0 is now live and includes Suspend Cycle functionality, allowing players to pause their cycle, exit the game and turn off the console without losing progress.

Once players resume, the suspend point is deleted and another can be made instead.

There are limitations though: a suspend point cannot be created during boss battles, cinematics, first-person segments, or combat.

At launch, many players complained that the game didn't include a save or suspension feature. The roguelike's long runs instead had to be played through in one sitting, or players had to leave their console on sleep mode to resume later.

This Suspend Cycle function isn't a traditional save feature, meaning it maintains the roguelike spirit of the game while allowing for shorter bursts of play.

In addition, the new update brings a Photo Mode to really show off those neon lights and creepy tentacles.

At any point in the game (except first-person sequences), Photo Mode can be enabled in the pause menu. It includes various effects and settings, such as aperture, saturation, contrast, changing light sources, and using filters and colouring options.

Expect to see plenty of beautiful screenshots shared on social media soon. For full details visit the PlayStation Blog.

Returnal is "a video game that does not want to be played", we said in our Returnal review. It's available on PlayStation 5 now.

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