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Resi HD remakes cost 1600 Points/£15.99

Capcom confirms September release dates.

The forthcoming HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X will set you back 1600 Points on Xbox Live or £15.99 on PlayStation Network, Capcom has announced.

Resi 4 launches on Xbox Live Games on Demand from 20th September and PlayStation Network from 21st September. Code: Veronica X follows on 27th September for XBL and 28th September for PSN.

Too rich for your blood? As a comparison, Ubisoft's HD remake of Beyond Good & Evil goes for 800 Points on Xbox Live Arcade, whereas you can pick up high def versions of the first two God of War titles for £13.99 a piece on PSN.

As well as remastered visuals, both Resi games now have trophy/achievement support, while Resi 4 also gets the additional Separate Ways content from the original PlayStation 2 release.

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