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PS5 system update adds gamelists and 1440p output

Beta features now live.

A system update for the PlayStation 5 is now live, adding in a number of new features previously available in beta.

That includes gamelists, essentially folders, to make organising your game collection more manageable. Players can have up to 15 lists, with 100 games per list.

1440p HDMI video output is also available for those with compatible TVs or monitors.

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Native 1440p output will be available on games that support it, or games with a higher native resolution like 4K can benefit from improved anti-aliasing.

Elsewhere new social features have been added, including share screen requesting, joinable game notifications, viewing the profiles of new friends, and sending stickers via Game Base cards.

These features were added in a recent beta (described on the PlayStation Blog) but are now available for all.

A new PlayStation Blog on the update also notes other features, such as voice command search on the YouTube app and two additions to the PS App: launching PS Remote Play via mobile and requesting a share screen.

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