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PS5 Stand positions - How to attach the stand vertically or horizontally and find the screw for the PlayStation 5 explained

Vertical or horizontal - you decide!

There's no denying that the PS5 is a large console and, depending on how much space you have, you'll either want to stand it horizontally or vertically.

To do so, you'll need to attach the PS5 stand to the console in one of two different ways to ensure that your console is as safe as possible.

This page explains how to attach the stand to your PlayStation 5 both vertically and horizontally to help you find the room for this big console.

On this page:

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Where to find the stand screw in preparation for standing the PS5 vertically

If you're planning on having the PS5 stand vertically, then you'll first want to retrieve the screw from the PS5 stand, because, without it, you won't be able to attach the stand to the console.

The screw can actually be found within the stand itself - if you look at the bottom of the stand, you'll notice that there's space for a small compartment.

To reach the screw, you need to rotate both the base and hooks of the stand till you can reach this compartment. Inside you'll find the nail, which you can pull out, and a space to keep the screw cap, which you'll take from the back of the console.

The screw might be rather hard to remove, but, if you keep at it, then you'll be able to free it.

How to stand the PS5 in a vertical position

If you have the space, then you'll most likely want to have the PS5 standing in a vertical position. While you can do this without the stand, it will help keep your PS5 safe, so we highly recommend using it.

To attach the stand, you'll firstly want to take the screw out of the stand. You can easily do this by rotating the stand and, once you have the screw, make sure you put it somewhere safe.

You'll also want to ensure that the hooks attached to the stand are lined up correctly with the elevated piece in the middle, as demonstrated below:

Next, place the console with the rear side facing up and the bottom facing towards you.

In the middle of the PS5's base you'll see a screw cap, which you'll need to remove. (This may be rather tricky for people with short nails like myself.)

To keep the screw cap safe, place it within the stand, next to where you found the screw.

Now, you'll want to attach the stand by lining it up with the hole you revealed for the screw and ensuring that the hooks are lined up with the back of the console.

Make sure you properly tighten the screw.

Finally, you'll want to tighten the screw using, ideally, a coin - we used a 10 pence - or something similar.

Once the screw has been tightened, you can stand the PS5 vertically and start playing!

How to stand the PS5 in a horizontal position

If you'd prefer to have your PS5 lying horizontally (and who can blame you), then you have two positions - you can either lie the PS5 sideways or attach the stand in the horizontal position.

We highly recommend attaching the stand as it will help protect your PS5.

It's a good idea to attach the stand.

Before you start attaching the stand, you'll want to rotate the stand's hook so it's north-west of the elevated section of the stand. See the picture below for a better idea of what position the hook should be in:

Next, you need to place the PS5 with the rear facing upwards and the PS5 logo on it's left wing facing towards you.

In this position, you should be able to see a series of symbols resembling the traditional Sony buttons, on the inside of the right wing.

You'll want to place the hooks for the stand on top of the squares at either end of this line of symbols. Do this carefully, but firmly, to ensure that the hooks are properly attached to the PS5.

Afterwards, feel free to place the PS5 on it's side wherever you've managed to find room for it.

If you'd like to learn more about the PS5, then check out our guides on the capture settings, Control Centre, user accounts, Remote Play and how to change your online status.

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