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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 2, Hau'oli Cemetary, and the Berry Fields

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Leading on from Hau'oli City, Route 2 is really the first 'proper' route you'll get access to in Pokémon Sun and Moon, with plenty going on in terms of trainers, Pokémon and items to investigate.

Ae main connecting route, featuring the Hau'oli Cemetary and Berry Fields, Route 2 leads to the Trial of Captain Ilima at Verdant Cavern, but also features a handy Pokémon Center, so use it to train up and get prepared!

Route 2 - Hau'oli Cemetary

As you enter Route 2, that pesky Tauros runs off again, with Kahuna Hala chasing. Ahead lies the route proper, but to the right you can swing into the Hau'oli Cemetary to find a few extra items, trainers, and wild Pokémon to catch.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Paralyze HealBehind the first tombstone
TM100 ConfideTop right behind the hedge row
Super PotionTop left of the cemetary
Big MushroomTop right of the cemetary
Beauty KrystalGastlyLvl.8
Breeder IkuePikachuLvl.9
Old GuyMakuhitaLvl.9
Office Worker JeremyDiglettLvl.9

Route 2 - Berry Fields

Back to Route 2 proper, and there are plenty of things to see for the first time, including berry trees, shaking grass, and more.

The new shaking grass mechanic sees wild Pokémon now visually indicated for the first time, and will run at you to start combat. Which Pokémon are in the long grass, however, is still a mystery until you battle them.

Take on the various trainers and wild Pokémon whilst heading north through the route, until you hit the Berry Fields. There, a Delibird grabs your bag before you can do anything, and drags you over to the fields. Team Skull are trying to steal berries - help!

ItemWhere to findNotes
Heal BallBy the ledge, to the right
Super Potionbehind truck by buildings on left of route
Nest Balls x2man in the building on the left
Oran Berryberry guy by Team Skull
Persim Berry x3under the berry tree behind him
ReviveDelibird by sofa in house by Berry Fields
Silver PowderIn top-right corner behind Berry house
Paralyze Heal (Hidden)In buckets at left side of Berry fields
Big MushroomBottom left of Berry Fields
Stardust (Hidden)By blue and green palm trees, round the back of Berry house next to and outside of the fence
ReviveThrough gap in fence by grass on the left, up the hill, by a ledge
Super PotionBy the Lass
Revive x3From Hau in the Pokémon Center
Sitrus, Chesto, Leppa x2, and Persim BerriesUnder berry tree by Pokémon Center
Preschooler KalebSpearowLvl.8
Team Skull GruntDrowzeeLvl.10
Backpacker AshleyCottoneeLvl.10
Lass IsabellaMisdreavusLvl.9
Breeder JayButterfreeLvl.10
Preschooler MaliaCutieflyLvl.9

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Aside from that battle with Team Skull, there are a couple of other noteworthy events on Route 2. There's a full motel; a girl willing to trade her Machop for a Spearow in the Pokémon Center, which can be easily caught on the nearby Route 3; and a lady in a hat in the Pokémon Center will also reward you with $3,000 for showing her a Cutiefly you've caught from Route 3, too.

After you've investigated everything here, it's onwards to your first ever Trial, in Verdant Cavern!

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