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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Exeggutor Island, Sun / Moon Flute, Poni Grand Trial, Groundium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

With Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast and the Ruins of Hope out of the way, your next stop is a return to Seafolk Village.

From there, it's on to Exeggutor Island to find the Sun Flute or Moon Flute, before Kahuna Hapu's Poni Island Grand Trial and the award of Groundium Z.

Exeggutor Island, Sun Flute and Moon Flute

Oncce you've hopped on Charizard and flown back to Seafolk Village from the Ruins of Hope, head over to the big building shaped like a Magikarp on the left of the settlement.

There, you'll find the Chief of the Sea Folk - the chap who so heartily welcomed you to the Village when you first arrived - and can explain to him your desire to visit Exeggutor Island. He'll whip you over there on board his fantastic Magikarp houseboat in no time.

Over on the island, you'll hear this was once, apparently, a trial site of it's one, but no more. Now, as you catch up to Lillie who's already run ahead, it begins to rain. Lillie shares a sentimental moment with you as it tips it down, until it comes to an end with a rainbow - yay!

Anyway, a little rain shouldn't stop you - it's time to climb the short path up to the highest point on the small island, where you'll find a single pedestal with the Flute on top (whether that's the Sun Flute or the Moon Flute will depend on the version of your game, but it's only a cosmetic difference anyway).

With the Flute in hand, your next stop is the Vast Poni Canyon - nature's own trial, apparently, due to it's size, as the Chief tells you to check in with Hapu first before taking it on.

ItemWhere to find
Big Pearl (Hidden)Where you were taking shelter in the overhang
Prism ScaleTake the rightmost path, swinging low round the island. At the very end
Heart Scale (Hidden)At end of not-rightmost path, in red flowers/ferns that are by a rock and some bushes
Sun Flute / Moon FlutePlaced on the pedestal at the top of the island

Poni Kahuna Hapu Grand Trial, Poisonium Z and Groundium Z

The Vast Poni Canyon is your next destination, but there are one or two things in your way before you get there...

First, you'll have to tackle Team Skull once more. A group of them have taken control of the entrance to the Canyon and are blocking your path. You'll need to defeat two of them before you can proceed - but once you do, Plumeria, a Team Skull member herself, comes to apologise on their behalf. Seems like she's finally growing a conscience, and she gives you the Z Crystal Poisonium Z to show for it.

After those Skull Grunts are dispatched, there's still one more challenge lying between you and the Canyon: a Grand Trial against the Poni Island Kahuna, Hapu. Head through the initial entrance to meet her under a large tree, in front of the main path into the Canyon.

She can be tough if you don't have the right party for the battle, sporting mostly Ground-type Pokémon, but she's still beatable. After you win, she'll award you the Ground-type Z Crystal Groundium Z, leaving your collection almost complete.

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ItemWhere to find
Piosonium ZOutside the cave; from Plumeria after defeating the Grunts
Groundium ZOutside the cave; from Hapu after defeating her
Skull GruntFomantisLvl.44
Skull GruntSalandit
Kahuna HapuAlolan Dugtrio

Now, you can at last enter Vast Poni Canyon, "nature's own trial" that is your route to the legendary Pokémon's altar.

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