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Overwatch D. Va animated short and Korean Busan map revealed

MEKA me so happy.

It is a celebration of D. Va! Blizzard has unveiled a typically gorgeous new Overwatch animated short showing the Korea-defending backstory of D. Va, AKA Hannah Song, the former StarCraft pro turned elite government MEKA pilot; and Blizzard has revealed a Busan map for Overwatch based on a futuristic interpretation of South Korea's second largest city.

The D. Va animated short centres on the same MEKA base you'll be able to explore in the Busan map. It's here Korea builds the machines people like D. Va pilot to fight the Omnic (robot) threat which literally comes out of the sea (or flies above it).

One of the lovely things about the animated shorts coming so long after the game's release, when players know D. Va so well, is all the fan-service layered in - the quotes, the Doritos, the abilities. And, yes, it's actor Charlet Cheung reprising her role as D. Va in the animated short.

The Busan map, meanwhile, is a control map, so both teams fight over control of an area. As with the existing control maps (Ilios, Nepal, etc.), Busan will feature three separate stages within one overarching map. There's an ornate and colourful Hanamura Temple-like sanctuary; a high-tech and high-rise downtown; and the MEKA base itself, complete with D. Va's own messy desk and workstation.

UnitLost/Stylosa gets good early access to new Overwatch maps. Here he is exploring Busan.

The Busan map is on the Overwatch's Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC now. I can't see (I don't think there is) any final date yet for release.

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