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Now you can StreetPass the previous visitor to a location

3DS adds support for StreetPass Relay.

Nintendo is rolling out a fresh 3DS firmware update to support StreetPass Relay, a method of StreetPassing the previous visitor at a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Relay will save the last person's StreetPass data and pass it on to the next. The next person's data will then be saved and passed onto a future visitor.

It means that people in areas with fewer 3DS owners will still be able to ensure at least one StreetPass per location.

Relay was first announced back in June, but support for the feature is only being added now, via 3DS firmware update 6.2.0. It's live in North America now, and will presumably pop up in Europe in due course.

24,000 Wi-Fi points across Europe will support Relay, along with 28,000 Wi-Fi points in North America.

StreetPass - where you wirelessly exchange data with other nearby 3DS users while both handhelds are in sleep mode - is one of the 3DS' most popular features.

Collecting other people's Miis encourages you to carry your 3DS around with you as much as possible, and it also fosters a feeling of a social connection between players. Foreign Miis turn up in a variety of Nintendo games, and also earn you items in the StreetPass Plaza.

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