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No Man's Sky is offering another chance to unlock Mass Effect's Normandy SR1

All four Expedition events returning, from tomorrow.

There's good news for No Man's Sky players still miffed at missing their chance to add Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 to their mighty frigate armada earlier this year; Hello Games is bringing back all four of the exploratory space sim's Expedition events starting tomorrow, 24th November, meaning players will have another opportunity to earn all their associated rewards.

Expeditions, if you're unfamiliar, are effectively No Man's Sky's stab at live-service-style seasonal content, offering limited-time, curated experiences that condense and reshuffle the game's ever-expanding systems into a series of progression-based challenges - with various cosmetic rewards served up as different milestones are reached.

No Man's Sky's first Expedition, Pioneers, launched in March and was followed by Beachhead, which concluded with that delightfully unexpected Normandy reveal. The really very excellent Cartographers was up next - providing a wonderful re-entry point for lapsed players - and the year's Expeditions concluded with Emergence, a deliciously dark adventure for those that can't get enough of No Man's Sky's giant sand worms, and would very much like one of their own.

No Man's Sky x Mass Effect - Normandy Trailer.

All four Expeditions will be cycled back into No Man's Sky in chronological order, with players having two weeks to complete each one before it makes way for the next. Expedition 1 (Pioneers) will be available from tomorrow, 24th November, until 7th December, and the Normandy is up for grabs again as part of Expedition 2, returning from 8th-21st December. Expedition 3 (Cartographers) is back between 22nd December and 4th January, and Expedition 4 (Emergence) makes a big, noisy entrance from 5th-19th January.

"This marks the end of 2021," writes Hello Games, "which has been another busy year for our small team, as we celebrated No Man's Sky's 5th anniversary with four major updates! This now takes us to 17 large releases, as well as countless smaller updates, community requests, and hotfixes...We are very proud to have been on this adventure with you, and humbled that we are able to continue taking No Man's Sky to new and exciting places...Already work has started on some exciting plans for 2022 and there are no signs of us slowing."

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