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Next Dead by Daylight chapter to be based on cult Japanese horror Ringu

Beware of the well.

Cult Japanese horror Ringu will make its way to Dead by Daylight in a new chapter next year.

Details of the chapter remain under wraps, but presumably there'll be a new killer, survivor and map based on the franchise.

That will likely include a creepy young girl crawling out of a well and grabbing you through your screen... maybe.

The chapter will be inspired by Kōji Suzuki's novel published in 1991 and the 1998 Japanese film adaptation.

"The importance of the Ringu franchise in Japan, and its influence on culture around the world are undeniable. To be given the opportunity to dive into that legendary story as we bring this creation into Dead by Daylight is an immense honour," says Mathieu Côté, Game Director, Dead by Daylight.

"This new Chapter will give our players something intensely dark and troubling, a real heart-pounding experience that adds to the already high intensity of our game."

The Ringu chapter will arrive in March 2022 and follows the most recent Portrait of a Murder chapter added to the game at the end of November, including its original killer The Artist.

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