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FFX-2 International is last FFX title

Cheerio Yuna.

Square Enix's latest "International" edition re-release for Final Fantasy X-2, which retains the Jap voiceovers, adds new job classes, quests and other foibles, and is due out next month, will be the final Final Fantasy X game.

Speaking in an interview reported by 1UP, the game's producers confirmed that this is the end of the FFX saga, and that rumours about Final Fantasy X-3 are just that, and won't lead anywhere.

As far as the producers are concerned, apparently, Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Missions fills that gap, and there will be nothing else.

Still, that shouldn't be too depressing for European gamers, given that the vanilla PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 won't be released here until February 20th anyway. We'll have a review around the time we get our hands on the PAL code. We'd give you an inkling based on the NTSC code, except, following the FFX PAL debacle, nobody can guarantee just how much of the screen Square Enix will lower itself to using...

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