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Codemasters to operate on Hospital Tycoon

Promises "part soap opera and part comedy".

God sim obsessive Deep Red Games is snapping on its rubber gloves in anticipation of probing PC gamers next spring with the release of Hospital Tycoon.

Hoping to be more Green Wing than ER, the management sim sees players charged with running a hospital on the verge of collapse, and promising emerging situations in the forms of patients stricken with odd ailments. Such as, "the man afflicted with 'Monkey Nuts' and the office worker diagnosed with 'Stress Zombosis'"

Skipping micro-management and all those other dull old simulation staples, Hospital Tycoon hopes its character interaction will set it apart. "It'll be accessible, funny, visually gorgeous and offer depth for those that want to dig for it," said Hospital Tycoon's project leader, Steve Beverley.

"We've added a generous helping of widely-appealing humour and a kind of soap-opera format too," said Beverley, while taking a break from the laughing gas.

Directing the medical staff, ensuring patients are cared for and building dedicated areas for surgery and diagnosis will all be in a days work. As well as slopping up patients' vomit and restraining mentals, no doubt.

Those that wish to stick their hands into the stomach of Hospital Tycoon and have a good old rummage around will be able to do so early next year, courtesy of Codemasters.

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