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That Worms 3D demo again

Team 17 patches up its leaks.

Not one to be outdone by dripping taps, dodgy guttering or, indeed, leaking demos, Team 17 has released (Gamer's Hell mirror) an official and properly working version of the leaked demo we reported on yesterday. With the leaked English and German demos there were reports of crashes and bugs which included a slightly shonky (new word alert) blimp mode and first-person view, all apparently cleared up for this updated version.

The demo still only contains eight minutes of play for two players on one map, and we had hoped that the October demo that was referred to on the official Worms 3D site earlier in the week was still to come, and that it would be more fully-featured. Never mind, eh? While you're downloading the 66MB file, why not peruse our Worms 3D first impressions? I don't care if you've read it already, read it again ye scurvy landlubbers.

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