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Silent Hill gets the movie treatment


If any game deserved to be made into a movie it was Silent Hill. With all its brooding mystique, sinister undertones, unhinged cast and simultaneously scary and depressing atmosphere there's a rich seam of material to pillage for an enterprising film company.

And so it has proved, for today Konami revealed it has partnered with Samuel Hadida (producer of True Romance, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Spinder) and his production company Davis Films Sarl to "produce a live feature film adaptation of the popular horror adventure videgame(sic)".

Konami says it will "participate in the production of the film from script supervision, monsters' design and sound creation to accurately recreating the universal appeal of the game". And no, there's no word of a simultaneous game of the film, although we wouldn't bet against it.

Directorial duties have fallen to Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Crying Freeman), but having seen neither we don't actually know if that's a good thing or not.

Amusingly, Konami reckons Silent Hill is "a horror adventure game set in a town shrouded by fog and darkness, where the player confronts a variety of monsters" rather than the more accurate 'a mind-melting tale of unhinged, unhappy souls that lock doors just for the hell of it, try to kill you for no apparent reasons and turn off all the lights in the name of scaring you shitless'.

If you haven't played these marvellous games yet, you really should. Go on, be off with you.

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