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Ghosthunter on track

Primal scream.

Sony has announced that Ghosthunter, the latest supernatural outing from Studio Cambridge, is on track for a November 28th release on PS2. Studio Cambridge will be hoping Ghosthunter can help them to bounce back after their last game, the much-hyped Primal, crashed and burned all over the place. Their previous games - C-12: Final Resistance and MediEvil - weren't all that bad, so we're keeping an open mind.

As is, it seems, the game's star Lazarus Jones, who becomes fused with a demonic spirit in a union that imbues him with 'second sight', in a premise that smacks just a little of Primal's Jennifer Tate/ugly gargoyle symbiosis. However there'll be no art exhibitions or actors dressed as gargoyles chasing you down Oxford Street this time, as although Jones' Detroit cop turned supernatural demon hunter has the ability to see into the realm of the dead, he's probably more concerned with rounding up the ghosts and monsters terrorising the real world and rescuing his partner Anna Steele... having unwittingly set it all off in the first place.

Sony is usually pretty good about advanced code on big titles, so with any luck we'll be bringing you our first-hand thoughts on Ghosthunter sometime ahead of its November 28th release date.

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