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New Sam & Max dates

Season Two lines up.

Telltale has revealed that Sam & Max Season Two is set to kick off this November.

The first episode is titled Ice Station Santa and sees our heroes taking on Father Christmas himself. It will debut on GameTap on November 8, with a worldwide release scheduled for the following day.

Episode 2 is due to hit GameTap on 10th January and the rest of the Internet on 11th January. The pattern will continue on a monthly basis right up until the season finale in April. You'll be able to purchase all five episodes in one go, buy them individually or access them automatically if you have a GameTap subscription.

For those not familiar, Sam & Max first appeared in comic form in 1987 and a critically acclaimed adventure game followed six years later. The first instalment in a new episodic series of games was released in October 2006. Season Two will include episodes which are "ever more bizarre and hilarious", according to series creator Steve Purcell.

Telltale boss Dan Connors added: "Season One was a groundbreaking accomplishment, but it's only the beginning. For Season Two, we have taken all the best elements of the first season and improved on them even more.

"Telltale is cranking the whole episodic experience up another notch and you can expect a very enjoyable six months."

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