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New 2D Worms game dated for PC

Reloaded will cost 18 quid in August.

Worms will make a glorious 2D return to PC on 26th August with Worms: Reloaded. It's been 10 years since a new 2D game has come out on PC, apparently.

Perhaps that's why Worms: Reloaded will cost £17.99 (£16.19 for the time being on Steam).

Thankfully, Reloaded boasts loads of content. Graphics are HD and Worms has "never looked this good", reckons the press release.

There are 65 single-player missions split into normal and tougher Warzone levels. There's also a Bodycount mode that pits one worm against a never ending spawn of enemies and records success to leaderboards. On top of that are modes Forts, Crate/Shopper, Bazooka and Grenade (BnG), and Rope Racing.

Customisation spans skin, victory gravestones, voices, HUD, title, hats, and you'll be able to buy treats with currency earned for progressing in the single-player game.

There's also multiplayer, of course - either locally or online for four people.

Weapons from Worms' past are all stuffed in the warchest, as well as new additions Super Punk Buster, Poison Strike, Worship, Sentry Gun, Electromagnet and Buffalo of Lies.

Rounding the package off is a landscape editor, which enables maps to be made and shared with friends.

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