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Monaco coming to XBLA same day as Steam

"Monaco was originally designed to be played with four friends on the couch."

Top-down multiplayer heist game Monaco is coming to XBLA the same day as the PC version on Steam - even if that date hasn't been announced.

Developer Pocketwatch Games revealed to Joystiq that Majesco had taken on publishing duties for the Xbox 360 version after a meeting at PAX East.

A Mac version is in the works too, but Pocketwatch wasn't as confident that it would be ready in time for the game's launch on other platforms.

The XBLA release will support local co-op as well as the four-player online co-op available in all versions. "Monaco was originally designed to be played with four friends on the couch, all planning and executing a heist together," said designer Andy Schatz. This makes sense as every time I've seen Monaco at an event, it was being played from a couch.

Check out the XBLA announcement trailer below.

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Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Xbox 360, PC, Mac

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