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Miyamoto plots global Mii domination

Aims to set "world standard for avatars".

Nintendo talisman Shigeru Miyamoto has big plans for the company's Mii avatars, according to comments made during a new interview.

Not only does he want them to set a "world standard for avatars" but it seems he's also hoping they will one transcend the videogame medium entirely.

Speaking in the latest Iwata Asks chinwag published on Nintendo's official site, Miyamoto, possibly with tongue implanted in cheek, expressed his desire to see the avatar system used as a formal means of government ID.

"Simply put, I want to spread Mii characters all around the world," he insisted, forcing a chuckle from Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.

"Exchanging it with people close to you is a given. Whether you use StreetPass or through the network, I want to implement Mii characters in all sorts of ways. Ultimately, I want Mii characters to be the world standard for avatars," he continued, before laying out his full grandiose masterplan.

"I hope that in the future, when you have to go to the city hall for some formality, they'll ask you to submit your Mii character too."

"What an ambition that is!" replied Iwata, amid more giggles.

"If it becomes a worldwide format, it'll be fun. Purely and simply, I just want everyone to use it in a variety of ways," added Miyamoto.

However, before going on to explain the various new features his team has added to the Mii creation program for the 3DS, he tempered his lofty goals a little.

"Well, that ambition about the city hall thing might be a bit extreme, but I do want Mii to be more widely used."

You can see what the great man has been up to when the 3DS launches on 25th March.

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