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Miyamoto and Aonuma have kicked around the idea of an interactive Zelda movie

Would allow 3DS support, or something.

Zelda head honcho Eiji Aonuma and series creator Shigeru Miyamoto have been batting around the idea of a Zelda movie that could be interacted with via the 3DS.

One wonders what movie-star-cum-Zelda-fan Robin Williams makes of this.

Wait, what?

Don't get too excited - or horrified - just yet as it's so far just a pie-in-the-sky idea, but in an interview with Kotaku Aonuma said that he's been discussing the possibility of a Zelda movie for years with Miyamoto, and the two decided that the traditional movie format wouldn't suit the series well, but they may consider a Zelda film if it were interactive.

"If we were to make a Zelda title, if we had interest in doing that, I think really what would be most important to us is to be able to play with the format of a movie, make it more interactive, like you're able to take your 3DS into the theater and that leads you into participating in it somehow," Aonuma explained. "We wouldn't want to make it the same as any other movie. We want to somehow change what a movie is."

It's a rather crazy idea. Almost as crazy as going from a business that runs love hotels to manufacturing video game consoles. The whole point of movies is to pay attention to them - or possibly throw spoons at them if their title ends with "Room" or "Show". Having a second device that you need to manage sounds antithetical to this idea, yet that hasn't stopped Disney from trying something similar by giving viewers iPads with special prompts and games to promote interactivity during special screenings of The Little Mermaid.

Then again, if a 3DS told me when to throw spoons at the Super Mario Bros. movie, I would probably oblige. Can you think of any other ways this could potentially be a good idea?

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