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Journey has finally become profitable, Chen says

After thatgamecompany almost bankrupted itself making it.

Flower and flOw developer thatgamecompany has finally started to receive royalties from last year's indie darling Journey.

Studio co-founder Jenova Chen revealed to Family Gamer TV that while the game made its money back last year it has only just started to see royalties.

"It seems that Journey sales are not really going away," Chen explained. "I'm quite curious to see what happens this quarter."

The game was recently re-released in Europe with thatgamecompany's other two PlayStation 3-exclusive titles in a bundle pack.

Chen revealed earlier this year that his studio had been bankrupt when it finished the game.

"A lot of people weren't paid," he explained in February. "We also went bankrupt as a company."

Journey's development over-ran by a year, during which time the company burned through much of its backup resources. The finished product was worth it though, and it won a masterful 9/10 in Eurogamer's Journey review.

Watch the interview in full below.

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