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It looks like Apple Music may be coming to PlayStation 5

UPDATE: Now official and launches today.

UPDATE 27/10/21: Sony has now officially announced Apple Music support for PlayStation 5, following the leak spotted and tested by Eurogamer earlier this month.

PS5 is the first console to offer Apple Music. If you're a subscriber you can access the service's 90 million song library, music videos, playlists and radio, and use it similarly to Spotify to stream music in the background.

The Apple Music app should be available to download today, PlayStation said in a new blog post.

ORIGINAL STORY 14/10/21: Sony appears to be working with Apple to bring the tech giant's music service to the PlayStation.

This comes as a Reddit user posted a photo on the Apple Music subreddit claiming that they received the option to download the Apple Music app on their PlayStation 5.

When the user selected the option, however, they received the error: "This app is only playable on PS4". This is the standard error message the PlayStation 5 shows when there's a missing app (many of PlayStation 5's media apps, including Spotify, are just PlayStation 4 apps running under backwards compatibility).

To verify the image, I tried to get the Apple Music prompt on my main (UK) account without success - but then I created a new account with its region set to the US and did get the prompt. (However, I was then unable to reproduce it, leading me to believe Sony is currently testing the feature out before it is publicly deployed.)

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Apple to expand its service to PlayStation. Apple Music is already available in a range on non-Apple devices, including Samsung Smart TVs, Google Nest, and Android.

Sony recently announced a partnership with Apple to give PS5 owners six months free access to Apple TV+, so the two companies working together also makes sense.

Apple is also hosting an event on Monday where it's expected the company will announce new MacBooks. Perhaps it'll slip in Apple Music support on PlayStation there too?

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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