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Josh Lewsey on Rugby Challenge 2006

Ubisoft corners Josh Lewsey of London Wasps and England.

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Obviously it's the in thing these days to have proper sports-people promoting your games, and that's not a fact that escaped Ubisoft's attention when it came to pushing their first big sports game, Rugby Challenge 2006, which is due out on PS2, Xbox and PC on Feb 3rd. We'll give it a try closer to release, but in the meantime we thought you might be interested in this short Q&A with Josh Lewsey, full-back for England and London Wasps, supplied by Ubisoft. Surprisingly enough, he's excited about the game!

Ubisoft Are you a gamer?
Josh Lewsey

I have always been into videogames since I was really young. I enjoy most games but sports games in particular as it’s obviously a big interest of mine.

Ubisoft What do you like about Rugby Challenge 2006?
Josh Lewsey

Rugby Challenge is really good fun to play - it gives sports fans the chance to try their hand at rugby but without the injuries! It's great that you can choose to play at real stadiums and as real players. I also like the 2-player mode, where I can play against my mates. You can also play through the Six Nations Tournament, so put yourself in our shoes right now and see how well you can do!

Ubisoft How does it feel seeing yourself on the front of a videogame box?
Josh Lewsey of London Wasps and England. Poser.
Josh Lewsey I must admit I think it's pretty cool to be in a videogame but it does feel very surreal to play as myself. I think it's great there's such a good rugby simulation coming out though - there really aren't many rugby games out there, but there are so many fans of the sport who I reckon would enjoy playing this.
Ubisoft Tell us what other things you're currently doing.
Josh Lewsey I am always studying and have just achieved my Law Degree (my third degree) and I am also in the process of setting up a new business, details of which I’m keeping under wraps at the moment.
Ubisoft What are you most looking forward to in 2006?
Josh Lewsey

Getting the new company up and running and continuing to win trophies with London Wasps and England.

Ubisoft What has been your most memorable moment on the pitch to date?
Josh Lewsey

Winning the World Cup Final and walking around the pitch afterwards. It was awesome!

Ubisoft What's the best thing about playing rugby for a living?
Josh Lewsey

One good thing is receiving loads of text messages when we’ve had a good win. I’d also mention that after a bad game there are none!

Ubisoft Who will win the Six Nations?
Josh Lewsey


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