Rugby Challenge 2006

Rugby Challenge 2006

Rugby Challenge 2006

Six nations, two rugby games, one choice. And it's not this one.

Rugby: it's a lot better than football, isn't it? You can drink in the stands, play doesn't halt every five seconds for a petulant team riot against the referee and England are still World Champions (just about). If you don't agree with that then you're a) stupid, b) a hooligan, or c) probably both. (And if that doesn't kick off some healthy debate in the forums then we've pretty much proved that porn really is all the internet's good for.)

The other thing about rugby is that it's clearly nowhere near as popular as football, mostly because it's about a million times more complicated. So the fact that we've got not one but two new rugby games to coincide with this year's Six Nations tournament could be seen as something of overkill. After all, the population of rugby fans who also own consoles is going to be marginal at best.

Still, if you ARE a rugby fan - and this particular correspondent is - you've probably gone orgasmic over the current crop of digital egg chasing. So much so that it's now less of a case of "is Rugby Challenge 2006 any good?" and more a question of "is it any better than EA's Rugby 06?" And the answer to that is a crushingly emphatic no.

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Josh Lewsey on Rugby Challenge 2006

Ubisoft corners Josh Lewsey of London Wasps and England.

Obviously it's the in thing these days to have proper sports-people promoting your games, and that's not a fact that escaped Ubisoft's attention when it came to pushing their first big sports game, Rugby Challenge 2006, which is due out on PS2, Xbox and PC on Feb 3rd. We'll give it a try closer to release, but in the meantime we thought you might be interested in this short Q&A with Josh Lewsey, full-back for England and London Wasps, supplied by Ubisoft. Surprisingly enough, he's excited about the game!