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Her Story and Telling Lies dev Sam Barlow teases "ambitious" new game

Say hello to Project A███████.

Sam Barlow, the developer behind acclaimed FMV narrative mysteries Her Story and Telling Lies, has begun to tease his next title - the enigmatic Project Ambrosio.

Barlow unveiled his latest effort in a tweet yesterday - marking the fifth anniversary of Her Story - alongside a link to the game's newly unveiled, and not entirely revelatory, Steam page.

Head over to Valve's store and you'll be confronted with a heavily redacted description of the game, presented as some kind of timeline, a disparate collection of enigmatic images and video clips, and not a lot more. A smattering of words do remain uncensored, however, with the most revealing appearing to be "gothic", "NYC", and "pop star".

Luckily, there's a little more to be said about Project Ambrosio (or Project A███████ as it appears on Steam) thanks to an interview with Barlow from PC Gamer.

According to the developer, Project Ambrosio is set to be "ten times more ambitious" than its predecessor, Telling Lies, and is focussed on "interrogating how stories are told in cinema...from the full creative process to the act of watching". More revealingly, it's described as a return to horror "in the loose sense" (Barlow wrote and designed two games in Konami's Silent Hill series earlier in his career) and a game in a "darker, psychological vein".

One of the enigmatic images on Steam.

"It's exciting for me to return to that," says Barlow, "It also unlocks a lot of fun ideas, and a chance to interrogate the relationship between the game and the player. I don't want that to be adversarial, but with some push and pull. I want to see what happens when you put constraints on the player, or when you push them in a direction that isn't entirely comfortable."

Beyond that, however, Project Ambrosio remains mysterious, but hopefully it won't be too long before Barlow is ready to reveal more.

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