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Halo Infinite multiplayer reportedly goes live in some form on Monday

Master plan.

It looks increasingly likely Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be made available to play on Monday, 15th November.

Twitter user Adam Fairclough revealed Xbox store data for Halo Infinite multiplayer included reference to the 15th November date.

There's also mention of a 6pm timing - Microsoft will broadcast a special show to celebrate the Xbox's 20th anniversary on 15th November at 6pm UK time.

Halo Infinite's official release date is 8th December - that's for the campaign and the free-to-download multiplayer.

Whispers had suggested Halo Infinite's multiplayer would be made available on Monday, but without concrete evidence. Microsoft and 343 have yet to shut the rumour down.

Microsoft has run a series of technical previews for Halo Infinite multiplayer, showcasing different aspects of the game. Perhaps it plans to surprise drop a new one on Monday to coincide with the Xbox 20th anniversary show.

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