WipEout HD News

There's a new WipEout game

A sight Feisar eyes.

WipEout online play will continue "while we wait for news"

WipEout 2048 Facebook page isn't a picture of conviction.

Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Sony will try to relocate those affected to other studios, "but unfortunately some redundancies will be necessary".

Next generation's big challenge will be connectivity says WipEout creators

Plus! Will 2048's tracks make their way to the PS3?

Sony details "one price" Vita/PS3 cross-play content

MotorStorm! Hustle Kings! WipEout! UMVC3!

Sony extends PSN Welcome Back offer

Have you downloaded your freebies yet?

Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony London, Liverpool and Evolution hit.

Maguire: People will buy 3D content

"People who bought iPads will buy 3D TVs."

PS3 3D titles priced, out this week

Patches free to owners, 3D TV buyers.

Japan's PS3 3D game updates next week

SSHD, WipEout and PAIN. PAIN's to cost.

Sony 3D TV buyers get free games in June

3D PS3 firmware to precede HX803 launch.

WipEout HD Blu-ray bundle official

Get the game plus expansion for 20 quid.

Sony removes naughty WipEout advert

In-game ads shouldn't increase load time.

PS3 WipEout HD ads causing problems?

Load times seen doubling before races.

WipEout, Killzone packs top PSN bill

Plus: Shatter and Crystal Defenders.

WipEout HD Fury here on Thursday

PSN expansion for eight quid.

E3: WipEout HD gets Fury expansion

Tracks, ships, modes, re-styled UI.

WipEout HD patch at 5pm today

Multiplayer upgrades including ranks.

WipEout, Metal Gear Online demos soon

Christmas Eve downloads for PSN fans.

WipEout HD freezing bug patched

But you have to delete your save.

WipEout HD arriving next week

Yours for less than 12 British pounds.

WipEout HD price announced

Release date still to be confirmed.

WipEout HD on track for "fall"

Trophy support reconfirmed.

Sony changes tune on WipEout HD

Now delay is because of new features.

WipEout HD delayed due to technical issue

Reeves hopeful it'll still be out this year.

WipEout HD here next month?

French site says so, Sony says zip.

Don't underestimate WipEout HD - Sony

60fps and 1080p make a big difference.