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WipEout HD freezing bug patched

But you have to delete your save.

Sony has issued a patch for WipEout HD that stops the game freezing for players connected to PlayStation Network with more than 50 friends on their list.

However, to get the benefits from the automatic update, version 1.10, it's necessary to delete your save game file and create a new profile.

That's bad news if you had been playing the game offline to avoid the effects of the problem, or if you had temporarily deleted some friends (our solution: permanently delete your friends - and in the game).

At least, however, doing so will not affect the Trophies you have unlocked and any online records, if you have them. It's just campaign progress you lose. Just.

Sony announced this apologetically, for obvious reasons.

WipEout HD is certainly good enough to survive the stigma of a game-freezing bug, but it is a shame that the beautiful, GBP 11.99 racer has been so beset by problems.

Prior to release, the game was delayed considerably due to a big setback during a routine epilepsy screening procedure - something Sony said it was honour-bound to take "very seriously".

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