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Report - Warhawk 2 details leaked

Report - Warhawk 2 details leaked

PS3 sequel rumoured for 2012 release.

Warhawk 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 3 with a 2012 launch rumoured, according to a new report.

Just Push Start has claimed that Sony recently invited a selection of players of the 2007 PlayStation 3 original to take a look at an early build of the sequel.

A few scraps of gameplay information has since seeped out of that showcase. Apparently the title will feature a story mode and full co-op. There will be online multiplayer support for up 32 players over 25 maps.

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Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content

Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content

Warhawk! Ratchet! SSFIIHDR! Fish tank.

Sony has released details of September and October's PlayStation Plus content.

If you're signed up to the service already then treats available between now and 5th October include the full season of Sam & Max: Devil's Playground, a full game trial for Warhawk and a copy of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

Then between 6th October and 2nd November you can look forward to a copy of Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Syphon Filter for PSone and a full game trial of Gravity Crash, among other trinkets.

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Sony trademarks Starhawk name

"Warhawk in space" evidence mounts.

Sony America has trademarked the name "Starhawk", adding weight to rumours that Warhawk creator Dylan Jobe's newly-formed LightBox Interactive studio is taking the series into space.

Warhawk area for Home this week

Command Centre offers battle planning.

At yesterday's Destination PlayStation event, Sony confirmed that the long-promised Warhawk Command Centre will be released for PlayStation Home this week, according to Joystiq.

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Plus: Warhawk combo pack, Haze DLC.

Sony will stuff more content onto the PS3 Store today, lead by a demo for exciting quad-bike racer Pure.

The PSN Store is yet to be updated, but PS3gen is claiming to have a heads up on content.

There's another sampler for NHL 2K9 - although the game should be as top-notch as always - plus a Destruction add-on pack for Haze, which costs EUR 4.99 (GBP price coming soon).

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Another free update for Warhawk soon

Another free update for Warhawk soon

Trophies, training tutorials, paint jobs.

Warhawk will get another free patch on 27th August, adding all sorts of features such as Trophies, training tutorials, paint jobs, and more, Sony has announced - confirming previous reports.

First is custom in-game music, which will automatically disable the Warhawk music when used, according to game director Dylan Jobe on the US PlayStation blog.

Trophies, all 56 of them, are next. That number includes booster packs, and some will be awarded retroactively for various server-side statistics.

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Warhawk Trophy patch dated, detailed

Warhawk Trophy patch dated, detailed

27th August according to pulled item.

Sony Europe has said that the Warhawk 1.5 patch introducing Trophy support will be released on 27th August.

Trophies will be divided into four groups. Some will encourage community-building, while others will reward you for feats in particular game modes or with specific weapons and vehicles.

Unlike Uncharted, some Trophies will also unlock retroactively.

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Warhawk Combo pack on its way

Like a KFC variety meal with explosions.

Sony has just dropped us an email announcing a Warhawk Combo pack, due to arrive on PSN in the not-too-distant future.

Second Warhawk expansion dated

Second Warhawk expansion dated

Plus new patch today.

Sony has told Eurogamer that the Operation Broken Mirror expansion for Warhawk will be released on 17th April.

This will cost GBP 3.99 and add a Personal Carrier and seven fresh maps, based around a Eucadian research facility covered in snow and cold things.

The maps will permit both large-scale and small-scale battles. Your new vehicle can ship around six passengers, who can fire out of side hatches. It has a speed boost, too, and a shield to absorb enemy fire. This is the future, remember.

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Second Warhawk expansion in April

Second Warhawk expansion in April

Plus fresh DLC before that.

Sony plans to unleash the second Warhawk expansion pack, Operation Broken Mirror, in April.

It will cost GBP 3.99 and feature a Personnel Carrier plus seven arenas in the Vaporfield Glacier.

These snowy maps are based around a Eucadian research facility infiltrated by Chernovan spies. The white-blanketed rooftops of the town will be split up to cater for large and small battles.

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Sony coy on Home game integration

Treats for Resistance and Uncharted?

Sony has declined to comment on suggestions it is encouraging first-party developers to add PlayStation Home integration to their games.

Warhawk enters PlayStation Home

Patch 1.3 to add other new stuff, too.

Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has announced some PlayStation Home functionality for Incog's online war-game, and promises much more to come. Handy for those of you on the beta.

Warhawk expansion in Dec

Warhawk expansion in Dec

A whole new world.

Sony has unveiled plans to release a downloadable expansion pack for Warhawk in December.

Dubbed Omega Dawn, it brings with it a whole new world explored across five maps, all set at night-time and populated by building complexes and industrial towers. These fresh locations will support all the usual game-types, too, and will be the largest areas you have seen so far.

The other big toy is a KT-424 Combat Dropship; an aircraft capable of transporting seven soldiers as well as a vehicle and the pilot. It also has an enormous cannon on-board for a healthy dose of murder, and will be yours to play around with once you take control of a weapons factory on the map.

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WarHawk patched

WarHawk patched

Stat and connectivity fixes.

Sony has officially deployed the 1.1 patch for PeacePigeon aka WarHawk, and this time it actually meant to release it and everything. Game director Dylan Jobe describes it as "a fast download", which will zap its way down your Interpipes when you next fire up WarHawk.

But what does it do, I hear you ask? It addresses "critical issues with stats and connectivity". Specifically, "stat connection, fetch/post fixes; significantly improved client connection stability; quad '????' ping display bug fixed; added support for Player-Ranked Servers; game synchronisation fixes due to fluctuating network conditions (packet-drop); crash fixes for end of game and split screen".

But wait, that sounds boring! Fortunately, Jobe and his Incog pals are also working on a 1.2 patch that introduces new layouts for existing maps, clan and Buddy list options for servers and other interesting tweaks.

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Warhawk gets more new bits

Fresh maps, server options, etc.

Man and Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has made good on his promise from Friday that he would return to tell us all about patch 1.2.

Warhawk gets patched up

Warhawk gets patched up

Anti-cheater police introduced.

Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has said two patches to improve game performance are currently being worked on.

He also vented his frustration at "stat-padders" and "griefers" on the official US PlayStation blog, and promised behaviour like that would no longer be tolerated. (We think he meant in the game though, rather than on the blog.)

To help enforce this, Jobe revealed that new "Warhawk Arbiters" would be picked from the community in the US and Europe to make sure you are not being naughty both in and out of game. If you are, then you could find yourself kicked from forums, or kicked from games, or have your statistics wiped, or be beaten up in the Ministry of Love until you betray Judith.

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PSN WarHawk tied to account

Not signed-in, not playing.

Sony has issued a statement clearing up its latest announcement that downloadable versions of WarHawk will be tied like a lasso to your PlayStation Network account, so only the owner of the game will be able to play it.

PSN WarHawk on Thursday

Slight delay.

Those of you poking around PlayStation Network this morning looking for WarHawk will have to zip yourselves back up again, because it won't be there for another 48 hours.

Public beta for WarHawk

Public beta for WarHawk

Date undecided for Europe.

These public beta tests are a good idea, it seems, and Sony's decided it wants to do one for WarHawk.

Americans will be able to test out the online shooter on 24th May, but we'll have to wait until Sony decides on a date for Europe. But rest assured that it will definitely happen.

The publisher's also cleared up confusion about whether it will be a downloadable title or a Blu-ray game. The answer is both. But those of you buying a boxed copy will be treated to a whole host of extras, like developer interviews, behind the scenes documentaries, demos - even a Bluetooth headset.

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Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Semi-official blog not quite right.

Sony has cleared up some issues surrounding PlayStation 3 release dates on semi-official blog ThreeSpeech this afternoon, by pointing out that they're not all entirely correct.

WarHawk now download-only

Sony does u-turn.

Last week Sony America seemed to put an end to the confusion surrounding WarHawk by announcing it would be released on Blu-ray as a full game.

WarHawk on Blu-ray after all

Not just a download game.

Last week we heard that WarHawk would be an online-only game, leading to speculation that the game would be offered for download via Sony's PlayStation Store.

WarHawk in summer 2007

Motion sensed.

Press literature for WarHawk, Incog's PlayStation 3 action title introduced properly at E3, has specified a summer 2007 release for the title.

WarHawk dev knew about tilt

For a while, says Sony man.

WarHawk developer Incognito may only have "officially" known about the PS3 tilt controller for a couple of weeks before E3, but Sony Santa Monica game director Brian Upton now claims the companies had been plotting for ages.