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FeaturePS3: 12 Games of Christmas

Tumbling down the chimney.

Another good thing about Christmas is that you can kiss people by holding a twig with leaves above their heads, made all the more likely by the enormous vat of incredibly pungent mulled wine stewing in the kitchen. Similarly smile-worthy is that yes there are games on PS3 to buy this year, despite what James with his rival console says in the comments section while picking his nose and flicking it at his equally spotty friend.


Rich goes hands-on with the beta - and likes it.

Released last weekend in beta form to a lucky few thousand in the USA, Warhawk - from Incognito, (creators of Twisted Metal) - is actually something of a landmark title for the PlayStation 3, shaking off a combination of non-committal previews and vicious behind-the-scenes rumours-mongering to provide a hugely enjoyable online warzone with support for up to 32 players.


Tilt and tumble.

Of course, what everyone wants to do when they pick up WarHawk for the very first time is jump in the plane and try out the tilt controls, thus rendering any kind of meaningful multiplayer playtest slightly meaningless. Either that, or it accurately simulates the kind of thing you can expect when you go online with the game when it launches next summer.


E3: We use the tilt controller and quiz Incog's Dylan Jobe about it.

It just makes sense. Like Phil Harrison loading a special boss card into Sony's wacky card-battle EyeToy game and it turning into a fire-breathing duck, manoeuvring your WarHawk by tilting the pad is natural. With Sony's new PS3 pad, featuring tilt motion sensors, playing a flight action game like WarHawk is as instinctive as reaching out to prevent a fall.