Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent News

GOD adds Double Agent, GRAW

Still rather expensive, mind.

Ubisoft has donated Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter to the Xbox Live Games on Demand service.

Free DLC for Double Agent

PS3 maps for X360 fans.

Splinter Cell's Double Agents will find a double helping of multiplayer mappery waiting for them on Xbox Live Marketplace when they next log in - and handily enough it's free.

Ubi down to two PS3 launch titles

Ubi down to two PS3 launch titles

Oblivion, GRAW 2, Double Agent, Rainbow Six all for later.

Ubisoft's ranks of PlayStation 3 launch titles were reduced yesterday as Splinter Cell: Double Agent slipped a week, Rainbow Six: Vegas and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 both disappeared into the distance and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ran away for a month.

Blazing Angels and Enchanted Arms will both still be available in three days' time, at PS3's 23rd March launch, but Double Agent will only arrive on the 30th, while Oblivion is now down for 27th April. Ubisoft declined to comment on why the latter - released in the US this week - had slipped.

Meanwhile, the French publisher's latest schedule lists Rainbow Six: Vegas as "spring" (not the PS3's favourite word) while GRAW 2 is down for "June", whenever that is.

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Double Agent spygirl for 360

Not PS3 exclusive.

360 owners will be able to download the female spy skins for Splinter Cell: Double Agent from Xbox Live, dispersing rumours that the content was exclusive to the PS3 version.

Double Agent PS3 details

Double Agent PS3 details

Two maps, co-op extras, plus new shots to check out.

Ubisoft's PlayStation 3 version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent will feature a pair of new maps based on new environments, a new set of co-operative challenges and a new spy character.

It's all part of Ubisoft Annecy's push to try and get people talking about the PS3 Double Agent, which - even as a day-one title - will be arriving five months later than its Xbox 360 counterpart.

"Because the solo campaign already forms a whole, we thought it was more relevant to focus on the multiplayer additional content," producer Mathieu Hector explained when we spoke to him.

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Double Agent PS3 at launch

Double Agent PS3 at launch

With some extras, too.

Ubisoft has confirmed that a PS3 version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent will be ready in time for the European launch of the console in March 2007.

What's more, the PS3 version of Double Agent will add "support for the Sixaxis wireless controller in single-player and multiplayer modes," which could mean tilt-sensing.

Not only that, but the PS3 release will include extra multiplayer maps and skins, giving those of you who splash out on the next-gen system a feeling of warm fuzziness inside.

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Double Agent 360 patched

Double Agent 360 patched

I spy multiplayer fixes.

Sam Fisher's pretty cool with his flashy moves and his guns. He's also got a deep, sexy voice. However, nobody's perfect, which is why Ubisoft has released an auto-update to patch over the bad bits.

Split into two areas, the 360 patch addresses connection issues and lag-related quirks in the multiplayer aspect of the game. Mainly an overall stability fix to reduce disconnections, sound has also been tweaked, removing its lag-inducing and frame-per-second hampering effects. Scores should also now report properly.

For full patch notes and the chance to "join the spyring," head over to the Double Agent website.

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Having already done a multiplayer demo for both Xbox 360 and PC and a single-player demo for the latter, Ubisoft has completed the set by uploading a single-player demo for Splinter Cell: Double Agent to Xbox Live Marketplace.

Double Agent PC demos

Single- and multiplayer.

Ubisoft has released a pair of playable demos for the PC version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which is released in Europe today.

Double Agent PC dated

Sneaking out next month.

PC owners wondering why their version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent isn't out this Friday can breathe a bit easier: the game's gone gold, and should be on shelves on 10th November.

Double Agent MP demo

On Xbox Live Marketplace.

With Splinter Cell: Double Agent due to debut on Xbox 360 this Friday, Ubisoft has whacked a multiplayer demo up on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Splinter Cell joins Ubi Wii list

Due out in 'launch window'.

Lazy old Ubisoft has decided to make up for only having seven titles available at the Wii launch by punting out a version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent for Nintendo's new console as well.

Ubisoft's Leipzig line-up

Dark Messiah, Double Agent.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic will headline Ubisoft's line-up at the Leipzig Games Convention later this month.

EGTV: Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Exclusive action from Ubi's latest.

With Kojima spending years fastidiously working away on each instalment of his beloved Metal Gear Solid series, stealth fans owe something of a debt of gratitude to Ubisoft for turning around the consistently impressive adventures of Sam Fisher with far greater frequency.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent slips

Largely so there are more 360s.

While doing its financial thing this week, Ubisoft's said that Splinter Cell: Double Agent has been put back from March to September of this year.

New Splinter Cell 4 details

New Splinter Cell 4 details

Exclusive PSP and PS2 news.

There's not long to go now until Sam Fisher's latest adventure sneaks out of the shadows, and judging by what we saw of Splinter Cell Double Agent recently it's shaping up really rather well.

You can expect a full preview of the Xbox 360 version to appear on Eurogamer this afternoon, but in the meantime here's a rundown of what current-gen console owners have to look forward to...

First up, let's look at the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. They're based around the same basic concept as the X360 version - Sam is now a Double Agent, do you see, and must infiltrate a terrorist group known as John Brown's Army. All the games are much more plot-driven than previous instalments and place a bigger emphasis on Sam's character and personal history, but each game "delivers the story in different ways," according to Ubisoft.

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New plot for Splinter Cell film

Sam is now a cartoon badger.

Raymond Benson, the author of the two Splinter Cell novels [there are two Splinter Cell novels? - Ed], reckons the storyline for the upcoming Splinter Cell film won't have much in common with his work or the games.

Splinter Cell 4 named

Has Sam really been naughty?

Sam Fisher's next outing will be called Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Ubisoft's revealed, with more details due to be unveiled soon.

New Splinter Cell 4 details

New Splinter Cell 4 details

Sam gets new guns, chums.

Ubisoft has released new details of Splinter Cell 4, currently in development for PC, PS2, GameCube, Xbox and Xbox 360.

According to PSW magazine, the game kicks off in 2008 - one year after the events of the previous game, Chaos Theory. Turns out Sam Fisher has left the Third Echelon and gone over to the dark side, and has shaved his head so you can tell. Now he's in the slammer, starting a 20-year prison sentence - but for what?

It seems that Fisher's committed a felony of some kind, and that his actions may be connected to the death of his 23 year-old daughter, Sarah. But no one's quite sure how, even his ex-boss, Lambert, who still visits him in prison from time to time. Nor does anyone know how Fisher got that strange new tattoo on his back, or why he's undergone such a dramatic personality transformation.

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Sam Fisher going rogue?

Splinter Cell 4 teasers.

Looks like Sam Fisher's next outing might be a painful one. And we're not just talking about the necks that he'll be snapping or the poor crims whose conspiracies he'll be undermining - by the looks of Ubisoft's cryptic promotional efforts, Sam himself's facing up to a bit of inner turmoil.