Shadows of the Damned Videos

VideoVideo: Gaming's creepiest children

The kids aren't alright (they're scaring me please help).

Digital FoundryShadows of the Damned PS3/360 Performance

A small, but noticeable performance improvement on Xbox 360.

Digital FoundryShadows of the Damned PS3/360 Face-Off

An Unreal game with a PS3 advantage?

VideoShadows of the Damned's NSFW rap

SOTD skull spits some choice words.

VideoShadows of the Damned - first 15 mins

Eurogamer meets Garcia Hotspur.

VideoShadows of the Damned launch trailer

Eurogamer review live at five.

VideoShadows of the Damned dev diary

Suda51 introduces new footage.

VideoShadows of the Damned combat trailer

Suda51, Mikami developed boss-fighting.

VideoShadows of the Damned gameplay

Suda51 continues love of phallic symbols.

VideoCreepy Shadows of the Damned footage

Bonkers Suda51 horror gets June U.S. date.

VideoShadows of the Damned trailer

Happy Halloween from Suda and Mikami.

VideoShadows of the Damned reveal trailer

Suda51 shows off new carnival gameplay.