Race Driver: GRID News

GTI Club and friends in PSN update

GTI Club and friends in PSN update

LEGO Batman demo, GRID DLC, etc.

GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur takes a bow on PlayStation Network today along with a demo of LEGO Batman and add-ons for the likes of Race Driver: GRID and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Konami's spirited remake of the arcade machine of the same name nicks the gameplay and splatters it lovingly across more up to date graphics in a way that made us quite tingly in our 7/10 review, which should not be seen as too off-putting. We're looking forward to more tracks and other content.

Meanwhile, there's another couple of PSone games (Red Alert Retaliation and Jet Rider - classics, we're sure you'll agree) and of course the requisite downloadables for Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band.

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More GRID content on its way

Cars, online modes, Achievements.

Codemasters is preparing more Xbox 360 and PS3 content for Race Driver: GRID, which will be available to download sometime this autumn.

Codemasters has GRID patch on way

Codemasters has GRID patch on way

Suggests temporary fix for now.

Codemasters has said it is busy working on a patch to stop stuttering issues in the Xbox 360 version of Race Driver: GRID.

Developer boss Gavin Raeburn waded into the official forum to confirm as much, and offered a temporary solution for those of you affected.

"We're close to getting to the root of the problem and we will be including a fix and a backup workaround option (just in case) in our forthcoming patch due within the next few weeks or sooner," said Gavin "Uncle Chewy" Raeburn. "We think the issue is due to specific drive hardware, possibly with bad blocks /sectors.

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Race Driver: GRID multiplayer revealed

Details here, hands-on report to your left.

Codemasters has unveiled Race Driver: GRID's multiplayer features and revealed that the game - due out on PS3, 360 and PC on 30th May - features full damage modelling.

Codemasters is offering a demo of Race Driver: GRID via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network - the 360 version is up now, with the PS3 version is expected any minute.

Race Driver: GRID at Play.com Live

First public playable units.

Up until now the highlights were Soul Calibur IV, LEGO Indiana Jones, and a chance to work out how much of the Gemma Atkinson you see on the Internet is Photoshop, but now it turns out Race Driver: GRID is going to be at Play.com Live, so you can add that to the list.

GRID designed to break America

Apparently the yanks didn't like TOCA.

Codemasters' sexy new racing game Race Driver: GRID has been designed to appeal to American gamers who didn't 'get' TOCA, says chief games designer Ralph Fulton.

Codies unveils new engine

Codies unveils new engine

Neon gives way to EGO.

Codemasters has told everyone its new in-house engine is called EGO. Still raining, here.

It is an evolution of the Neon engine under the hood of Colin McRae: DiRT, and has been developed by the Central Technology Unit for three long years - doesn't Jack Bauer work for them?

The news is that not everyone licenses Unreal Engine 3 or Source, we suppose, and this project has apparently taken a good chunk of the GBP 40.5 million Codemasters invested in boosting design and technology - 150 per cent more than last year.

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Race Driver: GRID unveiled

Details and shots.

Codemasters has announced that Race Driver One will from now on forever and ever be known as Race Driver: GRID (or just GRID if you're American).