Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo launches new 3DS messaging app Swapdoodle

Free-to-download with paid-for doodle guides.

Catch up with today's 3DS Nintendo Direct here

UPDATE: Pikmin! Mario Maker! StreetPass! More!

Five years on, Nintendo 3DS passes 60m sales milestone

Far less than DS, but far more than Vita.

Nintendo eShop half-price sale for fifth anniversary

Zelda! Pokédex! Metroid Prime Trilogy!

Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for Thursday

Twilight Princess HD announcement please.

Nintendo Direct broadcasts will continue

But return date and presenter still uncertain.

Tributes pour in for Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

Contemporaries and competitors unite.

Miiverse getting redesign this summer

Screenshot albums! Journals! Communities!

Nintendo dates E3 Digital Event

World Championships return after 25 years.

Nintendo "optimistic" on ending region locks, starting with NX

But no change for 3DS and Wii U, Iwata suggests.

Feature | The enduring appeal of Nintendo's StreetPass

3DS' smartest feature, four years on.

Nintendo to launch five smartphone games by March 2017

Amiibo shipments reach 10.5m worldwide.

Nintendo records first annual profit in four years

Wii U lifetime sales crawl to 9.5m.

Modders turn 3DS into PC remote desktop

World of Warcraft works - just about.

New 3DS StreetPass games coming as part of International StreetPass Week

Relay activity at GAME, plus special Mii and home theme freebies.

EGX | EGX 2015 tickets now on sale

80,000 expected at largest ever UK games event.

Nintendo to release games on phones and tablets

UPDATE: What does this mean for the company's future? Watch Chris B, Tom and Wes discuss.

Nintendo kills 3DS browser exploit via new firmware update

No more Pokémon Shuffle or ROM injection hacks.

New Nintendo 3DS sold 335k during EU/US launch week

5.7m Amiibo shipped, most popular figures revealed.

Surprise! New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition goes on sale

UPDATE: Nintendo "unable to disclose" criteria for eligibility.

Nintendo kills NINJHAX 3DS homebrew exploit

Coder warns users not to download new firmware update.

Feature | "I don't want to be a part of piracy"

Meet the student who just made 3DS homebrew easy - and set Nintendo on high alert.

3DS homebrew loader built, requires obscure puzzle game

Cubic Ninja sales soar after discovery, then pulled from eShop.

Nintendo's New 3DS and 3DS XL make strong start in Japan

Monster Hunter 4G rockets to 1.6m copies.

3DS system update adds themes, image share tool

Basic designs cost 89p, or decorate with Nintendo characters for £1.79.

New 3DS and New 3DS XL out in Australia this year

While Europe and North America must wait until 2015.

Nintendo shows off NES Edition 3DS XL

UPDATE: Nintendo has no plans to launch these in Europe.

Iwata: Nintendo must harness smart devices, no restrictions for dev team

"Even not ruling out the possibility of making games."

Nintendo boss Iwata halves pay, Miyamoto's wage cut too

Latest Wii U and 3DS shipment figures announced.

Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

UPDATE: Iwata apologises, will stay in office to see company return to profit.

Miiverse, cross-platform account system headed to 3DS

Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS dated.

Nintendo's now-discontinued Letter Box service used by alleged child predators

Men targeted young girls through their 3DS, report states.

Nintendo adds paid DLC games and hats to 3DS StreetPass app

UPDATE: Nintendo "investigating" widespread crash reports.

3DS and DS sales roughly equal after same time period

Latest Nintendo numbers show Wii sales drying up.

3DS sales "weaker than expected" despite Japan success

Nintendo revises yearly forecast, now expects slimmer profit.

Eye-catching Mario, Animal Crossing 3DS XL designs announced

Zelda, Mario 3DS games coming to Japanese eShop.

UK 3DS XL sales total almost 10,000 in one day

Steady start, but nowhere near Japanese haul.

Nintendo: 3DS profitability "improving" despite overall losses

UPDATE: 3DS no longer being sold at a loss, as of today.

Nintendo 3DS XL UK price round-up

UPDATE: GameStop to match GAME trade-in deal, includes older DS variants.

HMV store advertises 3DS XL with second Circle Pad using internet mock-up

"Just one particular store being a little over-enthusiastic," HMV explains.

Nintendo: 3DS XL not big enough to fit second circle pad

"It's a call we had to make and people will have to live with it."

Nintendo 3DS XL photographs

Hello big boy! Bertie poses with Nintendo's new handheld.

Feature | Nintendo 3DS XL First Impressions

Nintendo sends us one. We play with it. Is it XL-ent?

Nintendo: UK retailers to set 3DS XL price

UPDATE: Zavvi, Play, ShopTo price tags vary between £179-£249.

Feature | Sheep Sharing

We visit Aardman Animations to get the scoop on Shaun's 3DS debut.

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA games out Friday

Zelda: Minish Cap! Fire Emblem! F-Zero!

Sainsbury's slashes PS3, 3DS, Wii prices

Supermarket serves up Christmas deal platter.

3DS eShop to get DLC and demos

Accessible from PC, smartphones.

November 3DS firmware update details

10 mins vid recording, YouTube uploads.

Feature | 3DS Circle Pad Extension

Up close and personal with Nintendo's portable Frankenstein.

3DS circle pad attachment pics

Does it block the 3DS game card slot?

First images of Misty Pink 3DS model

Colourful handheld hits Japan 20th Oct.

Video | Schoolgirls fight in Senran Kagura 3DS

Almost definitely never coming to Europe.

Video | Nintendo ad trails 3DS price drop

Highlights games, plays down 3D.

3DS Nintendo Video European date

Watch 3D films and telly tomorrow.

3DS June firmware update detailed

UPDATE: Europe e-Shop contents confirmed.

Video | Nintendo 3DS e-Store firmware update

New shop capabilities detailed.

3DS Splinter Cell, Driver bundles outed

UPDATE: Ubisoft claims report "untrue".

Nintendo 3DS e-Shop and browser delayed

UPDATE: 7th June launch confirmed for EU.

First 3DS firmware update detailed?

eShop unlocked, no sign of web browser.

Video | Nintendo vid details 3DS e-Shop

Japanese trailer shows online store.

Nintendo 3DS off to a "smooth start"

Global sales just over 3.6 million.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 20/04/11

The best in bargain gaming.

Nintendo dismisses 3DS headaches story

"Recent reports are incorrect."

Nintendo announces UK 3DS sales figures

Fastest-selling Nintendo console ever in UK.

Is Nintendo 3DS a UK record breaker?

Shops break sales silence.

GAME's leaked internal documents

Tesco 3DS offer unable to be refused.

Nintendo explains "garage" dev claim

"We embrace independent spirit."

Feature | Game of the Week: Nintendo 3DS

New hardware! New hardware!

CEX will buy your Nintendo 3DS for £215

UK shop offers astonishing cash price.

Nintendo guarantees 3DS won't sell out

"You'll get one no matter what."

Where has 3DS stock this weekend?

Eurogamer canvasses the shops.

Tesco flattens 3DS price to £175

Currys drops tag to £179.

Feature | Why the Nintendo 3DS costs £230

Nintendo's new handheld ripped open and costed up.

GAME's 3DS launch outnumbers HMV's

482 midnight openings to 100.

Nintendo: 3DS demos worth resources?

"I'm not sure," mulls Hideki Konno.

Video | 3DS Augmented Reality card supersized

How to make your Mii three stories high.

HMV reveals £200 3DS trade-in guarantee

UPDATE: Specific trade-in prices detailed.

13 3DS VIP store openings planned

Nab a free taxi ride home.

Video | 3DS vid shows new Zelda gameplay

Moving the handheld aims slingshot.

Nintendo 3DS price drop at Morrisons

Pre-order to get it for £187.

"Large-sized" 3DS AR Card revealed

A Club Nintendo reward.

Nintendo 3DS logs flash cart use?

UPDATE: Nintendo responds, stays cagey.

Video | Nintendo 3DS trailer ramps up the hype

Prepare to be amazed. These guys were.

SEGA reveals Game Gear 3DS VC lineup

Sonic! Shinobi! Columns! More Sonic!

Nintendo 3DS can't run Unreal Engine 3

"There's nothing against Nintendo."

Miyamoto: 3DS is an "eloquent orator"

Pre-installed software will spread the word.

UK 3DS: "Seems to be enough stock"

But any more excitement and it'll sell out.

Rolando publisher slams NGP, 3DS

NGP "dead on arrival", 3DS "gimmicky".

Nintendo: 3G fees will hold NGP back

Will "decrease the customer base".

Nintendo 3DS GAME midnight openings

Huge push for UK console launch.

Nintendo 3DS sells 400,000 in a weekend

Dimension that shelves are refilling?

Nintendo 3DS: Launch Title Lowdown

Mario! Zelda! Monkeys! Cars! Etc.

Feature | Ready for Launch

The 3DS lands in Japanese consumers' hands this weekend, but how does Nintendo plan to keep its handhelds relevant?

European Nintendo 3DS photographs

Eurogamer's 3DS from all angles.

GAME's £190 Nintendo 3DS trade-in price

If you trade it in by 25th April.

Nintendo 3DS Camera

3D photos! Mii Maker! Face Raiders!

Video | Eurogamer Readers vs. Nintendo 3DS

Part 2: Hands-on impressions from last weekend's showcase.

Nintendo: Low app prices threaten industry

Games worth more than $2, says Reggie.

3DS eShop not launching until May

Iwata clears up confusion.

Why Nintendo 3DS gives Coins for walking

At "forefront of active gaming" - Fils-Aime.

Eurogamer Readers vs. Nintendo 3DS

Part 1: Richard Horne writes about his Amsterdam adventure.

New worldwide Wii and DS total sales

Plus: Nintendo predicts 3DS numbers.

Video | The EGTV Show: 3DS hits Europe

All the action from Amsterdam.

Video | 3DS shows packed software line-up

Zelda! Street Fighter! Rabbids! Resi!

GAME, HMV pin 3DS price at £229.99

UPDATE: ShopTo now asking £199.85.

European 3DS release date

25th March. No price.

European Nintendo 3DS Conference

Live from 2pm GMT / 3pm CET.

Nintendo: Why the 3DS is region-locked

It's "tailored" for different countries.

Experts: 3DS won't harm toddlers

Kids, it might actually be good for you.

Is a 3DS cart bigger than a DVD?

Word on the street pins it at 8GB.

Video | Nintendo 3DS software showreel

Mario! Zelda! Pilotwings! Star Fox! Resi!

Video | Nintendo 3DS firmware and functions

Tag mode! Mii support! 3D picture cards!

Digital Foundry | Nintendo 3DS tech spec exploration

Whatever happened to the NVIDIA "DS2"?

N64 videos simulate 3DS screen

Pop a pair of glasses on and see.

Retailer admits to 3DS date/price guess

€169.95 "pure speculation" - Nintendo.