Ninja Gaiden Sigma News

Team Ninja not missing Itagaki

Studio has "most powerful team in history."

Team Ninja sings praises of PS3

Reckons Sony console has "most potential".

Team Ninja has three new games for TGS

To appeal to action audiences worldwide.

PS3 Store weekly update

Still no PES 2008 demo. Sniff.

Euro PS3 Store updates

Demos, trailers, content.

Ninja Gaiden PS3 DLC soon

New challenges in Sept.

Ninja Gaiden PS3 DLC ambition

Hayashi pledges "amazing depth".

Team Ninja to do more PS3 titles

Dismisses complaining devs.

Ninja Gaiden on US PS3 Store

Demos hit for Sigma and VT.

Sigma Special Edition iffy for Europe

Currently no plans for it.

Eidos grabs Ninja Gaiden PS3

Sneaky summer plans.

Euro Ninja Gaiden demo iffy

Sony unable to clarify.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma details

PS3 outing is more than a port.

Ninja Gaiden on PS3

Play as Rachel.