Guild Wars 2 Videos

VideoGuild Wars 2 trailer reveals Mesmer

Final profession detailed.

VideoGuild Wars 2 conversation cinematic

ArenaNet reveals MMO's narrative system.

VideoGuild Wars 2 race featurette trailer

Meet the technologically adept asura.

VideoGuild Wars 2 Sylvari race video

The forest-dwelling folk.

VideoGuild Wars 2 cinematic shows story

NCsoft MMO shows its teeth.

VideoGuild Wars 2 Engineer skills footage

Coming along leaps and bounds.

VideoGuild Wars 2 video shows central hub

Lion's Arch a pit stop for all five races.

VideoGuild Wars 2 footage features Charr

NCSoft shows their MM-Meow.

VideoBeautiful extended Guild Wars 2 footage

10 minutes of monsters vs. magic.

VideoBeautiful new Guild Wars 2 footage

NCsoft tours the game's world.

VideoGuild Wars: now and then

ArenaNet's rags to riches tale.

VideoGuild Wars 2 necromancer revealed

We wouldn't be seen dead with one.

VideoGuild Wars 2 - Manifesto trailer

Exclusive new footage.

VideoNew Guild Wars 2 gameplay footage

Ogres pecked to death by falcons.

VideoGuild Wars 2 warrior skills

Can't see those vocal samples getting annoying.