Ghostbusters News

Ghostbusters 360 slips to November

Let's Spengler night together.

Ghostbusters for 360 gets release date

As do the Wii, PC and DS versions.

Ghostbusters budget was $15m - $20m

Dev would "love to" do another game.

Battlefield 1943 heads PSN update

Ghostbusters and FUEL demos too.

UK charts: Prototype works for Acti

Ghostbusters calls in at four.

PC Ghostbusters lack of MP explained

"Something would have to suffer."

Fat Princess out in June

PS3 Ghostbusters demo post-E3.

Switcheroo frustrates Ghostbusters dev

Acti then Atari then Sony in a year.

Atari to publish Ghostbusters on Xbox 360

Other versions still safe, we're told.

Sony grabs Ghostbusters from Atari

Game to become PlayStation exclusive?

Ghostbusters not coming to PSP - Atari

ESRB listing must have been in error.

Atari reveals Ghostbusters release date

It'll be out the same time as the Blu-ray.

Ghostbusters game coming out next year

Atari confirmed as new publisher.

Why Activision dumped Sierra's games

They weren't "exploitable enough".

Atari to publish Ghostbusters game?

It's out next summer, apparently.

Atari picking up rights to Ghostbusters?

Dan Aykroyd seems to think so.

Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend still on track

With or without Activision Blizzard.

Ghostbusters drops off release schedule

No sign of 50 Cent or Brutal Legend either.

Ghostbusters same on PS3 and 360

Performance levels equal.

No theme tune remix for Ghostbusters

75 mins of unused OST to feature.

Ghostbusters could come to PSP

Depends on memory usage.