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FIFA 18 gets free World Cup mode in May

At least England have a chance with this one.

FIFA 18 gets a free World Cup mode on 29th May, so you can win the tournament with England in the game to make up for England getting knocked out at the group stage in real life.

Much-needed FIFA 18 patch stamps out kick-off goals

EA has issued an update for FIFA 18 that makes some much-needed improvements to the game.

Chief among them is an attempt to rid the game of its problematic kick-off goals glitch. I've reported on this before - essentially, loads of players were scoring straight from kick off because of the way the players set out and react upon the referee getting the game underway. As you can imagine, this caused problems online.

The patch makes the defending team more compact after kickoff. You should notice the defending team's attacking players are less aggressive in pushing up the field, and their defensive players close the space between them and their attacking players to reduce the gap and limit the attacking team's space.

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This past week has been a rough one for the FIFA community, with disturbing allegations of cheating calling into question the legitimacy of FIFA Ultimate Team's most competitive mode.

FIFA 18 patch stamps out popular FUT AI "exploit"

FIFA 18 patch stamps out popular FUT AI "exploit"

And offers rare peek behind the AI curtain.

Last week we reported on an "exploit" FIFA 18 players were using to beat the FIFA Ultimate Team AI on the hardest difficulty for the maximum FIFA Coins reward possible.

While the "exploit" was hardly a 'press a button to win' situation, it was effective. It involved shielding with terrible (bronze) players with low physical stats to bait the AI into fouling and getting sent off. With enough players sent off, the computer controlled team could be consistently defeated even on the normally rock hard ultimate difficulty.

The "exploit" got traction within the FIFA community after the top-ranked FUT Squad Battles player on PlayStation 4 was accused of using the technique.

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Big FIFA 18 patch nerfs passing

FIFA 18 has a new patch - and it's a hefty one.

Title Update 3, which brings FIFA 18 up to version 1.04, nerfs ground passes and ground through balls.

Most FIFA 18 players agree the passing in FIFA 18 is particularly effective. I've found the game favours fast one-touch passing, with even mediocre players able to drill accurate passes into the feet of teammates from seemingly impossible angles. (More on this in my FIFA 18 review.)

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FIFA 18's first big patch tackles goalkeepers and shooting

EA has released FIFA 18's first big patch - and it makes some important changes to the game.

This update, available now on PC and soon on console, makes improvements to the goalkeepers, which some considered to be poor, and makes shooting slightly harder.

One of the chief criticisms of FIFA 18 is that it's too easy to score (there's more on this in our FIFA 18 review). In short, the keepers aren't great, shooting is pretty easy and quick-passing is incredibly effective. I found this to be a fun and, crucially, improved experience compared to FIFA 17, but some games do balloon out of control with too many goals.

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FIFA 18 physical launch sales down 25% from last year

FIFA 18 scored first place in the UK games chart this week, though its physical launch sales were down by a quarter.

Numbers company Chart-Track recorded retail copy sales as being down 25 per cent during FIFA 18's launch week compared to FIFA 17 a year ago. Should EA be worried? Well, probably not...

First off, FIFA 18 launched on a Friday this year. FIFA 17 arrived on a Tuesday, so had three days longer on sale to rack up numbers.

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FIFA 18 demo goes live today

On PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The FIFA 18 demo comes out today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (it goes live on each platform at various times - we'll update the article throughout the day). You can play Kick Off mode with a raft of clubs and stadiums, as well as preview The Journey story mode.

FIFA 18 ditches Xbox-exclusive Legends for multiplatform Icons

FIFA 18 ditches Xbox-exclusive Legends for multiplatform Icons

Marketing moves from Xbox to PS4, Switch version doesn't run on Frostbite.

Big news in the world of FIFA: EA Sports has ditched Legends - aka retired footballers for FIFA Ultimate Team - in favour of multiplatform Icons.

Icons will be available on all platforms, EA said today. And the first Icon is Ronaldo. No, not that Ronaldo. Old Ronaldo.

EA has also gone with PS4 for its FIFA 18 marketing, which is a significant switch after a number of years with Xbox.

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