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Free Opera browser for Wii

Trial version on 22nd December.

Pointing the remote control at the television like your ageing parents is now a hip thing to do, thanks to Nintendo. And now there's a trial version of the Opera Web browser on the Wii, available from Friday, perhaps you can even teach the the old dears a thing or two about new technology.

The deal with Opera Software will see the full version of the browser becoming available by March 2007, and will be free for Wii users to download until June 2007; from then onwards it will cost 500 Wii points from the Wii Shop Channel.

Surfing the web is just one of the options available from the console's Menu Channels. The Internet Channel joins the Disc Channel, Photo Channel, Mii Channel and Wii Shop Channel, as well as the freshly launched Forecast Channel.

It's all part of Nintendo's grand plan to expand who plays games.

"In addition to providing innovative and exciting new ways to play, Wii also offers further services and entertainment for all the family. This newest Wii Menu Channel is just the latest example of how we are doing this," says Nintendo Europe's Marketing Director, Laurent Fischer. "Wii is the perfect console for everyone to enjoy and this is being reflected in the phenomenal sales across Europe."

With more than 100,000 units shifted in the UK alone, it seems as though they may be on to something.

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