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Far Cry 2 tournament at EG Expo!

Win money and loot and friends.

Eurogamer, Ubisoft and Matchbox 360 are stunningly happy to announce we're running the first ever prize-winning tournament for Far Cry 2 at next week's Eurogamer Expo.

The heralded event will run over both days of the Expo (28th and 29th October) and offers 128 hopefuls a shot at GBP 500 in prize money. That's five hundred pounds.

That sum goes to both winners (unprecedented!), while runners-up take GBP 250 and all the rest get some merchandise. That's not a euphemism for drugs though.

The tournament will be played out on 32 Xbox 360s, and will be overseen by competitive play specialists Matchbox 360, which explains their presence. Also, each game will be deathmatch.

Advance sign-ups are open now, but limited to 100 people on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Sign-ups can also be done on the day from 1pm, with rounds kicking off an hour later.

Tickets for the Eurogamer Expo are still on sale, and "going faster than motorbikes", according to Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell. Those tickets cost a fiver, and the proceeds go to charity.

Go get one!