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Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas and 4 speedrun in under 90 minutes

Serial overachiever.

It's impressive enough when a speedrunner completes one game in record time. But five Fallout games, all in under 90 minutes? Now that's something really SPECIAL.

The record-breaking run, which clocks in at 1:29:47 without load times, has been posted to Youtube by speedrunner 'tomatoanus'. According to speedrun.com, this is the fastest attempt ever to complete all the main Fallout games.

The speedrun was performed on PC, in the "%any category", played on easy difficulty with the use of glitches. For those interested in learning how tomatoanus did it, take a look at his FAQ notes, which detail the glitches and tricks he used in fascinating detail. Who knew playing Fallout New Vegas in Italian can speed up a run?

Alongside his, well, interesting name choice, tomatoanus is noteworthy for his collection of impressive Fallout speedruns. He also set the previous world record for the Fallout anthology at 1:41:15 - an attempt somewhat hampered by crashes in the Fallout 3 and New Vegas sections. In his latest run, tomatoanus managed to shave off over ten minutes to break the 90 minute barrier for the first time.

This may not be the last of his high-speed sagas, as tomatoanus indicated he will also speedrun Fallout 76 (providing there are story elements). Will we soon see an updated version of the anthology run?

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