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Eurogamer TV Show Episode 18

Achievement unlocked.

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Achievements have been in the news recently. What originally smacked of pointless gimmickry from Microsoft has now revealed itself as a stroke of slowburning, evil genius amongst those transformed into horribly addicted gamerpoint whores (you know who you are, Kristan).

Some games are just utterly cruel in their allocation. If Blue Dragon wasn't disappointing enough already, our very own tireless adventuring warlord Bertie received a shameful, insulting 30 points for the 55 hours it took him to trudge through to the end. It's like turning the final corner in a marathon and seeing your best mate screwing your mum on the finishing line.

At the other end of the spectrum is Project Gotham Racing 4, a title so generous early on with gamerpoints, that you'll romp to 400 in just a few hours. But then, Bizarre Creations is a generous developer and Gotham is the series that keeps giving. And, as the final Gotham game from the studio before it hooked up with Activision, the guys have given it absolutely everything to create one of the most comprehensive racers we've played.

"As a swansong for Activision-bound Bizarre Creations, it's more than we could have wished for, and a daunting prospect for whichever developer Microsoft asks to follow it," opined Tom, scoring it a mighty 9 Eurogamerpoints.

EGTV recently travelled up to Liverpool to bring you an exclusive look into the making of this fine Xbox 360 racing achievement, which you can see now in Episode 18 of The Eurogamer TV Show.

Speaking of achievements, Microsoft must be pretty chuffed with the record-breaking launch it enjoyed with Halo 3. To celebrate the release, Team Xbox held what was promised to be a star-studded, movie-style premiere at London's iMax. Unsurprisingly, not everything went quite to plan, and the EGTV camera was on hand to record the results. And though the game achieved a 10/10 on this very site, does everyone on the team agree with the verdict? Find out in the Show.

Episode 18 ends with achievements a little closer to home, with a brief glimpse of the night where we won lots of stuff, dedicated to you, the discerning reader, where even the full force of a night's worth of free booze could not dampen Kristan's paternal pride.

All this is now showing in the guaranteed gamerpoint-free Episode 18 of The Eurogamer TV Show.

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