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Bertie! Oli! Martin! Topics! Bang!

Hello eyes! Welcome to another blast of Bertie hosts the Eurogamer podcast! It's number 86, and joining me today are reviews editor and acting deputy editor Oli Welsh, who has intelligence, and features editor Martin Robinson, with achy legs and a beard.

Our prattle this week concerns famed action role-playing game Dark Souls, upcoming blockbuster Mass Effect 3, the price of PlayStation Vita games and Gran Turismo 5 versus Forza Motorsport 4.

Has Dark Souls been misleadingly labelled a bastard hard game - is that putting punters off? And what of a sequel?

How about Mass Effect 3 and today's eventual confirmation of four-player co-op? Has BioWare gone bonkers, or is there sense to the new standalone gameplay mode?

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Has Sony lost its mind, asking £50 for a Vita game in the shops, or £40 from PSN? And how about the suggestion that PSP owners will be charged a "special price" to download UMD games they own via PSN?

Is Sony being sneaky, holding back Gran Turismo 5 DLC for nearly a year to coincide with the launch of Forza Motorsport 4? Which game is better, anyway?

And what of Just Dance 3? Is it the party game that won't go away, or the party game that shouldn't go away?

Those equal questions. Listen equals answers.

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