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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Braben, Portas and [NSF homepage].

Hello, loyal listener(s)! Here it is, the Podcast #56! Try not to sick up on your keyboard in excitement.

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Casting their pods into the virtual ether this week are editor Tom Bramwell and deputy Ellie Gibson. As always, host Tom Champion is on hand to command order and keep the peace, like a sort of Brighton-based Kofi Annan.

This week, we discuss veteran developer David Braben's suggestion that there should be a Metacritic for games critics. There's also some topical chat about the demise of Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and what was to be the next instalment in the True Crime series. (Spoiler: one of these things is not a shame.)

Next up it's time for some topical debate on the subject of game age ratings and Mary Portas's son's 16+ Oyster card. Then Brammers reveals all about his trip to Las Vegas to see Duke Nukem Forever, and whether the invite to the press party at "Titty City" lived up to its promises.

Meanwhile, or rather after that bit, Champo announces the first ever winner of Metabet. No Sandy Island Discs this week, but Ellie does attempt to ask the men which games they'd use to woo women and it all gets a bit weird.

Sadly we have no Namcai Bando-branded hoodies or record bags to give away this week, but there is a DLC code up for grabs. And finally, Elizabeth finds it hard to settle when Kenton takes Freddie and Lily to the Science Museum in Felpersham.

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