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Mafia II! Dragon Quest IX! With special guest Leo Tan from Capcom.

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We've had Leo Tan from Capcom on the podcast before, but when he immediately asked to be on it again and we had no one else booked, it was an offer we couldn't refuse.

Leo joins host Tom Bramwell and new staff writer Dan Pearson to discuss the issues of the week - or at least the two-day period that elapsed between podcast recordings thanks to an inconvenient bank holiday.

That means we get stuck into the controversy around Eurogamer's 4/10 Mafia II review, while Leo harks us back to Dragon Quest IX and Dan bangs on about non-GAAP reporting methods or whatever nonsense he does now.

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Elsewhere in the "news", we talk about Final Fantasy XIV's cap on XP and skill point earnings, and Kazunori Yamauchi's response to some mad Italians who don't want their horseracing flags to appear in Gran Turismo 5.

Plus we make room for the man who is trying to finish Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer without killing anybody.

Later on we also talk to Leo - current Capcom PR man, but a veteran of Activision and elsewhere - about the current state of games PR, people's expectations of and perspectives on it, and other stuff like that.

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The Podcast goes out every Tuesday at 3pm. Next week we'll try not to forget about Forum Affairs!

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