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FF XIII! Video Reviews! Expo questions! Harold Shipman!

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Yes, lady and gentlemen, it's time for another episode of the AWARD-NOMINATED Eurogamer Podcast. This week it's a Eurogamer Expo special, in which we put YOUR questions to event organisers Tom Champion and David Lilley. They are joined by special guest host Ellie Gibson, who only mentions FarmVille once due to recently renegotiated contractual obligations.

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But don't think of this week's podcast as just another excuse to pimp tickets to the Eurogamer Expo, Earl's Court 1st - 3rd October tickets £8 no queues for the ladies guaranteed. David Lilley reveals what he's swapped his Angry Birds addiction for, Tom Champion gives his views on Final Fantasy XIII and Ellie makes up something about a Flash game about skiing because she's not allowed to mention FarmVille any more.

Then we discuss HOT TOPICAL ISSUES such as Pierre Molynoire's views on Kinect, Vince Zampella's whines about game reviewers, Ubisoft's hilarious DRM system and the whole APB thing.

After that it's time for Forum Affairs, where we talk about the issues surrounding video reviews and whether they're coming to Eurogamer. Plus, a hot debate over whether Harold Shipman is a good name for a dog.

During this week's Q&A session, Ellie throws YOUR Expo-related questions in the faces of David and Tom. Hear them squirm as they come under fire, scrabble for answers and try to remember what bits Rupert said they're not allowed to say yet.

Finally, for the first time ever - harmonised Hyphens!

The AWARD-NOMINATED Podcast goes live every Tuesday at 3pm UK time. Won't win.

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