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Eurogamer.net Podcast #28

Starring Bethesda's Alistair Hatch.

Destroy all Toms! The 28th edition of the Eurogamer.net podcast is the first ever to be entirely (or almost entirely) Tom-free, since regular hosts Champion and Bramwell are indisposed or otherwise slacking this week. Oli Welsh steps into the presenter's chair for the first time and wishes he hadn't, because it's leather, and a bit sticky in this heat.

He's joined by special guest Alistair Hatch from Bethesda - the publisher-developer's European PR manager - and Eurogamer's own Ellie Gibson to discuss 3D (again), Crackdown 2, Limbo, umbrellas, hamster balls, moisturiser and more. Honestly, it's more on-topic than it sounds.

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Bethesda's currently promoting its biggest line-up ever - and for the first time, one where none of the top-line titles are developed by its internal studio. As Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas readies for launch this year, with Splash Damage's Brink, id's Rage and inXile's Hunted all following in 2011, Alistair tells us how the company's finding the switch from development star to publishing heavyweight - and deftly dodges our questions about Elder Scrolls.

We also discuss whether Activision could start charging a subscription for Call of Duty multiplayer (this podcast was recorded before it promised it wouldn't), whether Enslaved developer Ninja Theory was right to let itself get bossed around by writer Alex Garland, why 1 vs. 100 got cancelled, and whether Ellie is going to have Just Dance branding at her wedding.

Forum Affairs invites us to take a glimpse into the future of yesterday's tomorrows - in other words, what we used to think the future of gaming would look like - and we put your and our questions to Mr. Hatch before he wraps things up with a stellar performance as guest hyphenator.

There's also a special appearance by a bin man in the alleyway outside, whose enthusiastic performance with breaking glass even manages to drown out the seagulls. Sorry about that.

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